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Coil and Recoil

November 22, 2011

The vocals are raw, straightforward and sometimes whiney, but the effect is worth the confused first listen. Tigers Jaw sets the perfect mood for any occassion…because they have such a diverse and interesting organization of their vocals and instrumentals. But hey, the final product sounds great!

The acoustic guitar is surprisingly soothing accompanied by aching vocals . There is a genuinness to Tigers Jaw. Vocals reminiscent of Dashboard Confessional’s Chris Carrabba’s, Tigers Jaw captures teenage angst. However, there is a folky quality about the music that veers away from the “emo” fan’s wet dream. Even in ballads that begin slow and seem to engross you forever, the breakdown offers an unexpected twist, like in “Never Saw it Coming” & “Plane vs. Tank vs. Submarine.” I’m not talking death metal breakdowns, but more garage band punk meets screamo. Light on the eardrums but still enough noise to package a punch, Tigers Jaw’s hints of distortion compliment the pained vocals.

Best listens: “I was never your boyfriend,” “Never saw it coming,” “Sun,” “I saw the wolf” & “Dent”

All of Tigers Jaw’s three albums are very consistent in style and sound. Two Worlds is their most recent and diverse as they experiment with  different elements of sound.

Oh and did I mention they’re from Scranton, Pennsylvania?

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