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Poetic rap is not an oxymoron

November 16, 2011

I stumbled upon this list and was intrigued. I like listening to hip-hop and rap but I am far from well-versed on the genre and its
key players.  So, why not check out some of these intellectual-type rappers and feel a little cultured in the genre?

I started with number 1, Aesop Rock, whom I have heard of before, but after sampling a couple of his songs, decided his tone and
extremely complex lyrics were not for me.

So on to the list’s number 2 choice: Illogic.

His songs tell a story. However, not the typical rapper’s tale – money, drugs, girls and cops. Illogic’s lyrics invite the listener into his world, with  unguarded thoughts completely exposed. I’m familiar with Atmosphere’s music so I feel confident in saying that their attitudes are similar. On the other hand, comparing two rappers capable of creating such intricate, poetic verses does not give them enough credit. Illogic’s style comes across as passive aggressive but the poetics of his raps are intense and require reflection.

Illogic is the kind of artist that hypnotizes you when you listen – one song blends into eight. His beats are not profound or technical and he’s not the kind of rapper that relies on profane language to prove strengh or superiority. I think his strengths are soley in his words.

If you want to be introspective on a rainy day, Illogic’s Write to Death album is the way to go. If you want a little more upbeat and different lyrics, Celestial Clockwork will suit you.  Diabolical Fun is a new approach from Illogic, a little more aggressive and hyped.

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