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July 18, 2011

Have you ever had that feeling that you’re growing? An almost physical feeling, but mostly mental realization that you’re seeing things different? Not in a bad or scary way, but just perceiving events differently than you would have before. For instance, how you approach a certain situation now is different than how you would have months, or years, ago. I sent my parents an email (in our daily email thread of around 18 messages…each) one of my last days in London, telling them about a story I read and my thoughts and towards it. My mom replied with a short response, ending with, “We are so proud of you.” That’s when it really hit me that I’ve accomplished so much more than I thought I would being abroad. I really did do a bit of “growing up” over the past two months.

One of my good friends and I were discussing how our trip became more than just a “trip.” London has become another home.  There was a point when she looked a little frustrated. Ruffling her brow and looking into the distance she said, “I just dont want to look back and be like, ‘Oh I interned in London this summer…it was cool.’ I want to really appreciate the experience.”

I took a second to let her statement sink in. After thinking about it, I realized that everthing we’ve done over the past eight weeks was in fact the best way to appreciate this experience. All the people we met, all the different nooks and crannies of the city that we explored, is the reason I feel quite assimilated and settled. That alone is appreciation enough; feeling comfortable in a foreign place and accepting it for what it has to offer. We really did evolve from tourists to British. Now it is back to America – with a pocketful of eight quid and some odd pence…for next time.

For more blog posts, the “Official Indiana University Bloomington, Journalism School’s Summer in London 2011 Weekly Blogs” have tons of cheek to offer. Check out the JSchool’s website.

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