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Bread and Hummus

July 1, 2011

“Take a journal and write down everything and anything that inspires you. Remember it.”  -Fiona Anderson, BBC Reporter

As aspiring journalists, we are constantly hearing people stress the importance of keeping a journal, and writing about what you see and hear, and how they might interest you. I know that my mom has been telling me this since I was in middle-school, “Write that down, you’ll use it in your book someday.” And I would usually just laugh, nod and agree while thinking, what book?

Well, I’m figuring out that there are a lot of things that I notice and think twice about. Things that I wish I remembered, people I met and places I visited. These are things that inspire me. There are the cliché things, like sunsets, calm nights that follow it and a beautiful sunny day. Then there are the nostalgia-induced  moments, like that warm and comfortable feel of being “home,” the smell of double chocolate fudge brownies, or even seeing the loving interaction between a father and his little girl. Lastly, of course, there are the inspirational moments that take your breath away. These are harder to come by and explain, but they exist. They can be found in the chills from the voice of an amazing singer, or witnessing the pure and uninhibited happiness of someone else and sharing in their joy. Maybe it is a delicious meal, or that realization that you just met someone who effortlessly and unknowingly just changed your life.  All of these things can be considered inspirational, along with millions more. Inspiration is different for everyone, so there really isn’t one way to describe it. But I think sometimes it’s beneficial to question why you do things, and I feel that at its core, inspiration is simply motivation. A motivation to keep thinking and keep doing. Inspirations are all around and can be found in the simplest things. I believe that pure inspiration is found in experience, spontaneity and open doors.

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